caca dolce (soft skull, 2017)

mickey (curbside splendor, 2016)

even though i don't miss you (short flight/long drive, 2013)

the really funny thing about apathy (sunnyoutside, 2010)

everything was fine until whatever (future tense books, 2009)

chapbooks / zines

chelsea martin awst collection (awst press, 2015)

introduction to hand modeling (universal error, 2015)

kramer sutra (universal error, 2012)

what i want and what i want (self-pub, 2010)

dream date (self-pub, 2007)


fiction / poetry

may i remind you of my season pass to water wasteland spokesman review

mickey lenny letter

group of ducks dark fucking wizard

"grace is NOT an artist" and "one of my mom's arms" shabby doll house

objective reality vs. significant discount on almond milk pop serial

apology noo journal

how to market and brand your sickening dependence on another person eleven eleven

more overly accomodating poetry written to answer a question i've tried to imply that you asked hobart

knee illuminati girl gang vol. 3

untitled hart house review

universal themes that anyone can relate to the fanzine

moments before the future begins to approach spork

mcdonald's is impossible poetry foundation

things i know young revolutionaries


personal essays

solving the mystery of the weird boarded-up space in our house inlander

the icicles hobart

vandal muumuu house

a scrap of hello kitty notepaper nylon

book notes largehearted boy

how to bullshit lithub

ceramic busts lenny letter

why i decided to do nothing with my art degree except complain about it lenny letter

i'll still be afraid to talk to you too catapult

fenton culinary tour the towner

what wiping pee on my face did for my acne vice motherboard

voluntary responses to involuntary sensations catapult

i lost a tooth at work buzzfeed

goth ryan hobart

pelle at 2:38 enclave

death and dying electric literature

2013 tour diary the fanzine

my issues surrounding intellectual accessibility projected onto the work of joost swarte the fanzine


uh, journalism?

self-care techniques for life's anxieties inlander

2017: the year of the scrunchie inlander

survival guide inlander

bad at christmas inlander

scent of the season inlander

who stole my tampons????? hobart

josiah wolf's album jet lag the fanzine

tao lin's novel richard yates the faster times

contributions at htmlgiant



marry fuck kill cuddle tour doc

even though tour doc

junior prom metazen

sometimes it feels like being in a gigantic room and being only one person

lil bitch w/ elizabeth ellen

lil bitch 2 w/ elizabeth ellen

baby bros reading tour i think jimmy chen made this


print pubs

end of summer tally found after dark

book excerpt in 40 likely to die before 40

poem excerpt in the intentional #3

comic in folio lit journal

3 comics in hobart #15 bonus chapbook

camel toe #1

see you next tuesday: the second coming

beeswax #4

diet soap #2

trnsfr #3

pear noir #4