Everything Was Fine Until Whatever
by Chelsea Martin  

published March 2009 Future Tense Books

"Anything is possible in Chelsea Martin's bizarre and endearingly honest collection of stories, lists, flash fictions, and revealing factoids. Everything Was Fine Until Whatever is a poker-faced and unpredictably comic tour de force. Festooned with artwork and hand-written notes, this is a grand debut by a magical new talent."

"Chelsea Martin offers a quirky blend of absurd erudition, hard-eyed candor, unexpected sentiment, tiny subliminal footnotes, and loopy artwork. The illustration alone for her "to do" list is worth the price of the book. Plus she's insane." -Mike Topp, author of Shorts Are Wrong

"Chelsea Martin's shapeshifting debut is not only wonderful and wacko, but, goddamn,something honest, something new." - Blake Butler, author of Ever.

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"They have an overabundance of snowy owls in Montreal, supposedly because of the rat problem. I saw three swooping down to get a large rat when Chelsea and I were walking downtown at night. It was pretty neat." - Mike Topp, Outrageous Blurber

"I'm not exactly sure how to describe it. Surprising, funny, heartbreaking, weird...it's like if Crispin Glover and Sylvia Plath had a baby and let David Shrigley give it art lessons. And Harmony Korine and Lionel Richie are the baby's uncles." - Kevin Sampsell, Future Tense Books