chelsea martin is a writer and illustrator living in spokane, washington.

"martin's tragicomic essays... evoke a misfit's paradise..." - o magazine

"it’s a wild ride of a memoir, and a true glimpse into the mind of an artist as she’s figuring out what life is all about" - nylon

"martin’s honest writing exists above the confines of fear and social norms . . . her writing is sweaty, uncomfortable, and enchanting" - booklist

"chelsea martin is one of the best American writers alive. savage and sharp, tender and hilarious, martin’s caca dolce is a book like she’s never written before" - scott mcclanahan,author of the sarah book

"chelsea martin delivers neon electric jolts of reality in deadpan perfection" molly brodak, author of bandit

"i’m probably not chelsea martin’s biggest fan because i’m sure she has legitimate stalkers, but i’m way up there" - mary miller, author of the last days of california

"martin is an incredibly entertaining writer, one who―as the title of her book suggests―is willing to take a few risks, and to mix the high with the low" - jonathan lee, bomb

"chelsea martin writes great millennial essays that make you forget that 'millennial' is usually treated as a pejorative" - dayna evans, the cut

"incredibly nuanced, relatable, and wholly distinctive" - juliet escoria, electric literature

"caca dolce explores the discomfort, melancholia and absurdity of taking up space in the world when we aren't sure if we really deserve it" - melissa broder, author of so sad today

"i highly enjoyed caca dolce―a weird, funny, moving, complex memoir that's excitingly like if diane williams edited a 500-page novel down to 200 pages”―tao lin, author of taipei


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